SAY O is rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition characterized by enduring aesthetics, functionality and an honest expression.

A heritage of unfaltering dedication to the perfection and progression of the design craft.

Simple principles guide us along in our ambition to create and deliver a collection that we believe will be the modern originals of tomorrow. Simple principles that honour outstanding quality through a careful selection of materials, functionality and attention to detail and innovation.

Say O was founded in 2009, by meeting the design student, Anders Berg at the Stockholm furniture Fair. He was exhibiting his graduate project, The Say O Lounge chair. This was the beginning and the base of the company.

The name SAY O comes directly from the Lounge chair as the designer said, it is a mouth saying “O”.


Best Architects in Scandinavia

The SAY O designs team consists of Petter Knudsen, Anders Berg and Steinar Hindenes (KBH). They are all educated from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design school.

KBH mainly works with furniture, product- and interior designs, but is also involved in a series of project based design initiatives. They aim to create material and production driven objects with a distinct character.



Say O is the name of a company and their chair collection in which have a distinctive graphic statement. Not only do the chairs have a powerful O factor – thanks to their simple, stylish Scandinavian design, they also have the inherent potential to become a classic.

The art of omission often provides new sculptural qualities. Just as a pause in a story brings the spoken word into perspective, the absence of material in a work of art or a design adds new expressive dimensions to the whole.

The chair, which is manufactured in a revolutionary 3D veneer with a strict, organic styling, is a natural extension of the Scandinavian design tradition – a tradition where form and function are equal factors and where aesthetics and necessity form a higher synthesis.

The main focus is on ergonomics and comfort, and despite its slim shell of just 6.5 mm, the Say O chair is able to withstand all strength tests with optimal results. This is thanks to the 3D veneer being pressed extremely hard by means of a costly, patented technology, giving the designers the chance to go right to the limit in terms of what can normally be achieved with wood.

The uncompromising approach to the Say O-project has resulted in a super light and stackable chair made from quality materials: At present, the shells are moulded in knife-cut ash veneer as well as in beech, walnut and oak veneer. Say O has worked diligently to identify a varnish with as matt a surface as possible, without compromising durability.



At Say O we do not only care about the design of our furniture, but also how they have been produced and what effect it has on the environment. Therefore, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our products and production.

When designing new products the future environmental impact is considered at an early stage. This ensures that the combination of raw material, production method and applied technology results in products with a minimal environmental impact.

Passing on resources to the generations of tomorrow.

With our environmental policy and sustainable mindset, we view everything as a resource. A resource that is part of a larger system and something we need to take care of.

As such we are setting high standards and have all of our wooden chairs FSC certified by our supplier. FSC guarantees that the wood originates from responsible forestry.

In short, we continuously strive to act according to the highest ethical and sustainable standards. Because it has never made more sense.


3D Veneer - a new way to use Wood

In the past, bending and forming wood veneers was possible only within narrow limits. A young, innovative German company, changed all that, starting a new era in wood design using 3D-veneer. 3D-Veneer allows for the design and production of wooden organic shapes that couldn´t be realized before.

Using 3D-Veneer Allows designers to create distinctive new products that are lightweight, comfortable, strong, elegant and stable – and can be produced at a lower cost.

The sculptural shape of the Say O shell´s is made of form-pressed patented 3D veneer in either oak, ash, beech or walnut.

Some of the benefits of using wood is:

  • Wood is strong and durable
  • Wood is warm and creates perfect acoustics
  • Wood is the most environmentally friendly material on earth
  • Wood is antimicrobial
  • Wood provides comfort and well-being


Scandinavian roots with a global view

As the world gets smaller, we successful have establish partners in both east and west. From the coastline of America facing the Pacific Ocean, to the coastline of China. With production hubs in both the North America, Europe, and Asia, we aim to support most of the world with our Scandinavian design products.

We still aim to establish contacts and partners in areas that’s we haven’t reach yet.

Far up in the high north in the Scandinavian Woods SAY O came to life to make the world more harmonic and beautiful.

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