We are probably the best furniture company in Scandinavia.

Say O is the name of a chair collection with a distinctive graphic statement. Not only do the chairs have a powerful O factor - thanks to their simple, stylish Scandinavian design, they also have the inherent potential to become a classic.

The art of omission often provides new sculptural qualities. Just as a pause in a story brings the spoken word into perspective, the absence of material in a work of art or a design adds new expressive dimensions to the whole. This is also the case with the Say O chair, which is the first product designed by the Norwegian design group KnudsenBergHindenes for the Danish design company Say O.

3D Veneer Evolution

The chair, which is manufactured in a revolutionary 3D veneer with a strict, organic styling, is a natural extension of the Scandinavian design tradition – a tradition where form and function are equal factors and where aesthetics and necessity form a higher synthesis.

Scandinavian Design

True Scandinavian Values

The designers KnudsenBergHindenes, all of whom are trained designers from the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, have made beautiful use of the 3D technology, enabling the linking of organic forms with a slender feel without compromising strength.

The focus in the design phase have mainly been on beauty, simplicity, ergonomics and comfort, and despite its slim shell of just 6.5 mm, the Say O chair is able to withstand all strength tests with optimal results. This is thanks to the 3D veneer being pressed extremely hard by means of a costly, patented technology, giving the designers the chance to go right to the limit in terms of what can normally be achieved with wood.